SEED OF SHARING   Women Empowerment

Imagine Afghan men and women working together on equal footing to eradicate malnutrition


We work to make that dream a reality. We work with local Afghan women to develop, educate, and empower communities to fight against malnutrition, infant mortality, and gender inequality.


As part of the women empowerment program, NEI is working with the Afghanistan Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA) to train widows to use soy as a source of personal income. Earning an income empowers women to leverage their networks to improve the overall community health by word of mouth.




MoWA officials travel to different provinces to hold health seminars and cooking demonstrations on the use of soy in home cooking


  • NEI provided soybean and soy flour for emergency nutrition to malnourished women suffering from liver diseases in Gulran District, Hirat.
  • NEI has taught more than 4,000 pregnant and lactating women the benefits of soy in home cooking in low-income villages of eastern provinces.
  • NEI and MoWA are training widows on soy nutrition so widows can sell NEI-donated soybeans and soy flour via house visits.
  • NEI and MoWA are also training women farmers to grow soybeans.



Soy Food Culture Development


The success or failure of NEI’s soy nutrition initiative will depend on how well soy food culture is developed and rooted in Afghanistan. We hope by 2024, more than 90% of people will eat soybean as part of their regular diet.


Soybean was a completely new food to Afghanistan when NEI introduced this industry in 2003.


Our  challenge was to let people know the health benefits of soybean and teach them how to cook soybean at home.   Our first step was to create partnership with the relevant government ministries by signing MOU’s with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA), Public Health (MoPH), and Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL).



Following this, many workshops and demonstrations have been held at the central and provincial government levels, high schools, hospitals, women’s centers, trade shows, and villages. Our workshop participants prepare soy meals for themselves according to the soy recipes which had been developed by Afghan homemakers.


Other than home baked soy flour naan, NEI is promoting 14 soy recipes nationwide, including: soy quorma (stew), soy palaw (rice), soy halva (dessert).


The Success of
NEI's Poultry
Development Effort


The Story of Ms. Zarifa

of Paghman District, Kabul


I am Zarifa. My father is Ghulam Rabbani. I live in Qaly Shumlzai village of Paghman district of Kabul Province. I am widowed with 2 daughters and a son.

Over 200 families, including myself, are having a hard time making a living to care for our families. Women, like myself, are confined to the home, but thanks to NEI, we have a way to be home and improve our livelihoods through the poultry program.


Before NEI came into the picture, I was raising some local breed hens from home, but the egg production was low. NEI’s poultry program and training changed all this.

When the NEI poultry staff came to this village and explained the poultry program to us, I was so happy for this useful teaching by which I learnt the best ways to raise poultry and constructed my own quality chicken coop.


Additionally, NEI provided me the kit for coop construction, good quality feeders and drinkers, which are very valuable to me, chicken feed, wooden straw, lime, vaccines and 30 layer pullets (baby chicks), for which I am grateful to NEI. NEI poultry program is so useful and I’m requesting that NEI continue such support to our Afghan women nationwide.


NEI's Main Goal  ...


Main Goal: To help rural village women and widows become more financially self-sufficient through the raising and selling of both eggs and chickens in their local markets. Also encourage these women to reserve a percentage of their eggs and chickens for home consumption to improve the protein intake of their families and themselves.


The Results ...


Results: She trained on poultry practices, team working also she received the poultry kit such as windows, door, feeders, drinkers, she will also receive (30) four months old pullets, feed, lime, wooden straw and vaccine, finally she will improve her economic condition and her family members will use poultry products.


The Way Forward ...


Way Forward: Ms. Zarifa is really grateful to NEI for its poultry production program and she requested to extend the poultry production program to other rural poor women and disabled families to make income for their families.

Ms. Zarifa ...


“My life has changed dramatically after I got training and layer chicken” from NEI.

NEI is promoting recipes nationwide, including: soy quorma (stew), soy palaw (rice), soy halva (dessert).

Soy Naan


Soy Quorma

Soy Bolani

Soy Spaghetti

Soy Halva