Sowing Seeds of Hope in Afghanistan:

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Ceremony Celebrates Progress on New Soy Milk Plant


New Soy Milk Plant Also Receives Wide Coverage in Afghanistan Media

The progress on the new sterelized soy milk plant has also received extensive coverage by news agencies and media in Afghanistan.


Improved nutrition is linked to improved literacy in Afghanistan, explains this November, 2015, article (left) in Good Magazine. The article looks at NEI's long-term effort to help solve Afghanistan's widespread malnutrition problem. Over the past decade, NEI has worked closely with local government agencies, universities, and the United Nations’ World Food Programme to promote soybean cultivation and nourishment in Afghanistan. Soybeans are the most economical source of high-quality protein, explains Peter Williams, NEI’s director of operations. They are also a good source of calories, iron, zinc, and other brain-friendly nutrients. To read the document in PDF format click here.

Additional Reports from Afghanistan Media

Most news items are in the Dari language, but several have a choice to view the report in English.