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In NEI's 2015 Annual Report, Steven Kwon, NEI's founder and president, reports:


"I am happy to share with you that 2015 was an abundant year for all of our hard working soy farmers. Their tireless work to improve the lives of their families and the country as a whole resulted in a record breaking 4,000 metric tons of soy harvested. This harvest brings NEI’s team one step closer to ending malnutrition in the country."


Additional NEI Annual Reports ...

In the 2014 Annual Report, NEI President and Founder Steven Kwon, reported:


"We have been working in Afghanistan to build a soy industry since 2003. A functioning soy economy is a practical remedy to the chronic malnutrition that cuts short the lives of women and children in the country, especially in outlying rural areas. Our journey has been tremendous since we first introduced soybeans to the country in ... The people of Afghanistan are incredibly receptive to this crop. NEI currently plants soybeans in 22 provinces. "


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The NEI brochure for 2015.