NEI Annual Report

In NEI's 2015 Annual Report, Steven Kwon, NEI's founder and president, reports:


"I am happy to share with you that 2015 was an abundant year for all of our hard working soy farmers. Their tireless work to improve the lives of their families and the country as a whole resulted in a record breaking 4,000 metric tons of soy harvested. This harvest brings NEI’s team one step closer to ending malnutrition in the country."


NEI Brochures

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The NEI brochure for 2017. Click here.


 2016 Subject Area Reports



In 2017 only, 15,557 farmers produced soybeans in 33 provinces out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan.

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 2016 Soybean Science and Technology Workshop

In order to increase the technical capacity of MAIL agronomists and seed growers, NEI started hosting 2 day Soybean Science and Technology Workshop every year. To read more, click here.

NEI's 2017 Agricultural Activity Map

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