New NEI Radio Campaign Highlights Benefits of Soybeans


Nutrition & Education International has just launched a new radio campaign in Afghanistan to highlight the nutritional benefits of adding soybeans daily to the diets for both children and adults. NEI's mission is to eradicate malnutrition in Afghanistan.


The radio message is being broadcast in English, as well as Dari and Pashto.


Here is the text of the English version of the message:


"The soybean is rich in protein which can help you and your children have strong muscles, bones and brain. Soybeans will help you and your children be healthy and prevent sickness.


"You can bake soy naan (one part soy flour and 9 part wheat flour) and cook delicious Qurma, Boloney, Palaw, Sabzi, Spaghetti and other dishes from Lubia-e-Soybean, but please keep in mind to soak soybeans for one day before cooking.


"It can replace meat to reduce blood fat (cholesterol).


'Soy naan makes you and your children healthy. Your brothers cultivate soybeans in your village. You can buy soybeans from them. Local shopkeepers can also sell soybean cultivated in their village.


"Eat soybeans for a strong and healthy life!"