Letter From:

Raz Muhammad Fidai

National Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP)


Dear all colleagues.


It is good news and I am greatly pleased to know that our provincial teams have had good cooperation and coordination about soybean cultivation and promotion through schools and school teachers.


The reports we received from NEI shows and proves that our provincial teams have had exemplary coordination with NEI. It is a great honor for the Ministry of Education.


It has to be mentioned that in the past three years or more than that EQUIP Central Office have had good partnership with NEI. The result of this partnership was very useful and effective.


Soyabean promotion and cultivation through schools and school teachers was spread out throughout the country.


This partnership and coordination between the two partners(EQUIP+NEI) will cause to promote and cultivate soyabean all over the country which is a vital cereal for the Afghan people.


I, on behalf of EQUIP thanks all colleagues and teams who have good coordination and cooperation with NEI to promote and cultivate soyabean through schools and school teachers.In the long-run it will have great effects on the life of Afghan people.


Needless to say, that NEI efforts for the promotion and cultivation of soyabean is greatly appreciated. and wish further steps in this regards,


Long live EQUIP-NEI partnership.


Long live Afghanistan


Wish you all the best,


Raz Muhammad Fidai

Social Mobilization Senior Officer and Focal Point for NEI activities

National Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP)