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Why Soy?

Because of soybeans, children suffering from acute malnutrition started gaining fat on their cheeks.

Malnutrition is a key factor that causes the high infant and maternal mortality rates in Afghanistan. Malnutrition is synonymous with protein deficiency. Soybeans are a rich source of protein containing nine essential amino acids. Soybeans are not only ideal for human nutrition but also cost effective as a farming product.

Since NEI first introduced soybeans to Afghanistan, we have made three key observations proving that malnutrition can be eradicated:

  1. Soybeans can grow well in Afghanistan. Afghan climate and soil are ideal for soybeans to grow and flourish.
  2. Afghans like the taste of soy. Soy and soy products can be integrated into their daily diet.
  3. Afghans who consumed soy became healthier. Soy foods can be an essential component to the health of the Afghan people.

Twenty-one Afghan provinces are now growing soybeans. Afghan women are making soy naan by adding 10% soy flour to the traditional naan recipe. Soy naan increases the protein absorption rate by 110%.