NEI set out to help a country that was unable to resolve the
most basic human needs.

A long war with Russia, a chaotic civil war, and the war with the United States have inundated the people of Afghanistan with decades of unrest and unimaginable loss. Although several developed countries have brought their expertise, money, and material support, Afghanistan remains largely devastated.

NEI stepped forward to help women and children dying
from malnutrition.

Recognizing that malnutrition is linked with protein deficiency, NEI identified soybeans as the quickest solution to the most basic health concern for Afghanistan women and children. In 2003, soybean cultivation took place in a land that had never heard of the golden protein-filled bean. The government and the people of Afghanistan fully support NEI’s effort to bring the winds of change.

President's Message


Steven Kwon, PH.D

This is NEI’s 11th year working in Afghanistan. We have been working to build a soy industry over the past 10 years. A functioning soy economy is a practical remedy to the chronic malnutrition that cuts short the lives of women and children in the country, especially in rural areas. Our journey has been tremendous since we first introduced the soybean in 2003. The people of Afghanistan are incredibly receptive to this crop. NEI currently plants soybeans in all 21 provinces. Together with these Afghan farmers, we have proved three facts:

  1. Soybeans can grow in Afghanistan.
  2. The Afghan people enjoy soybeans and will integrate soybeans into their normal diet.
  3. Malnourished women and children are regaining health through the consumption of soy foods.

Achievements were made possible because of our supporters from all around the world. Our success is a direct result of the collective effort of the farmers, the international donors, and the government officials. Together we have shown that we can eradicate malnutrition. We are still far from our final goal. We need to expand our soy program significantly to make a difference in the lives of many underprivileged Afghans. Your continued support and partnership is deeply appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

Thank You

Steven Kwon

Steven Kwon, PH.D